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Attivati anche tu per un Parlamento Europeo senza condannati! Ecco cosa puoi fare

Condannati e indagati al Parlamento Europeo.
MEPs convicted and under investigation in the European Parliament.
Attivati anche tu per un Parlamento Europeo senza condannati! Ecco cosa puoi fare.
Copia/Incolla la seguente e-mail:
Dear MEP,
I’m writing you to ask the amendment of the Act concerning the election of representatives of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage, annexed to Council Decision 76/787/ECSC, EEC, Euratom of 20 September 1976 to prevent and protect EP from convicted people so that they cannot become European Members of Parliament at Strasbourg and Brussels.
As you may know the above Act today doesn’t say anything on this situation and re-calls only the national laws of the European members so the consequence is that for example in Italy there is no law that prevents convicted people from becoming elected. Italy has a bad record for number of sentenced people who sit not only in the Italian Parliament but also in the European one.
I know that a revision of the Act was embarked last autumn by the Afco Committee, dealing with the minimurn age for voters and candidates. I think that the ban to convicted people becoming members of European Parliament could be taken into consideration in this context [Article 190(4) EC Treaty].
Some examples:

- Aldo Patriciello (EPP):
Convicted to four months for illegal financing: in the beginning of the 90s he gave 16 million of italian lires to a “political friend”.

- Mario Borghezio (EFD):
In 2005, he was found guilty of arson, for having set fire to the belongings of some immigrants sleeping under a bridge in Turin during a vigilante raid, sentenced to 2 months and 20 days imprisonment, commuted to a fine of 3.040 euros.

- Vito Bonsignore (EPP):
Convicted to 2 years of prison for attempted bribery for the contract the hospital of the Italian city of Asti.

- Nick Griffin (NI):
Convicted for incitement to racial hatred for material denying the Holocaust.

- Jean Marie Le Pen (NI):
Convicted several times for racism or inciting racial hatred.
Please note that this issue falls within the public preferences for the priorities of this legislative term as evidenced by the focus survey published on April 09 the European Parliament website (Page 12: “A large percentage of Italians want the candidate eligibility criteria to be revised; this was also the case with most Europeans..”)
For this reason I’m addressing you, trusting in your sensitivity toward this problem and asking you to handle to amend the Act to reach the goal above described, conforming the forecasts for all the European Members of Parliament, in a way that in the future there will be no more convicted people in the European Parliament, as it still happens, unfortunately, these days, for serious crimes as well.
I look forward to receiving an answer from you
I thank you in advance
Best Regards

…e inviala:

alla Commissione Petizioni del Parlamento Europeo:

e agli indirizzi e-mail che seguono:
ip-AFCO@europarl.europa.eu; carlo.casini@europarl.europa.eu; zita.gurmai@europarl.europa.eu; rafal.trzaskowski@europarl.europa.eu; morten.messerschmidt@europarl.europa.eu; syed.kamall@europarl.europa.eu; john.attard-montalto@europarl.europa.eu; michel.barnier@europarl.europa.eu; andrew.brons@europarl.europa.eu; andrew.duff@europarl.europa.eu; ashley.fox@europarl.europa.eu; matthias.groote@europarl.europa.eu; roberto.gualtieri@europarl.europa.eu; gerald.haefner@europarl.europa.eu; stanimir.ilchev@europarl.europa.eu; ramon.jaureguiatondo@europarl.europa.eu; jaime.mayororeja@europarl.europa.eu; paulo.rangel@europarl.europa.eu; potito.salatto@europarl.europa.eu; algirdas.saudargas@europarl.europa.eu; gyorgy.schopflin@europarl.europa.eu; sorenbo.sondergaard@europarl.europa.eu; jozsef.szajer@europarl.europa.eu; indrek.tarand@europarl.europa.eu; guy.verhofstadt@europarl.europa.eu; luis.yanez@europarl.europa.eu; info@aboliamoli.eu; joseph.daul@europarl.europa.eu; martin.schulz@europarl.europa.eu; guy.verhofstadt@europarl.europa.eu; daniel.cohn-bendit@europarl.europa.eu; rebecca.harms@europarl.europa.eu; michaltomasz.kaminski@europarl.europa.eu; lothar.bisky@europarl.europa.eu;

Andrea D’Ambra

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